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Elite HIIT Performance is challenging, fun, exciting, and able to be done anywhere. This amazing platform goes with you everywhere your phone does which means you have the power to get into amazing shape anywhere at anytime!

Coach Matt Rojas

Master Trainer, Founder

Hey you! This is Coach Matt. I was born in Santa Barbara California, and went to high school in Arizona. I played football, basketball, baseball, and always have been very active. In 2017 I enlisted into the US Army as an Artillery man, Paratrooper. I served honorably and completed my term in 2017 getting out to pursue my passion in helping others dominate their health & fitness. I am the Host of the fastest growing fitness podcast, Owner of Athletic Beings Training & Apparel, and am here for you!


Workout anywhere, anytime

I've been on a journey with finding how I can be in multiple places at once and helping as many people as possible across the nation & world. With this platform you can take me, other amazing coaches, all this knowledge, and these ELITE HIIT workouts all on the go. I understand life can get busy, but health & fitness is the foundation of your entire life. I am making it possible to achieve results in a busy life!


Elite HIIT Performance testimonials
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