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I'm all for women empowerment and women staying strong, fit, healthy, and happy. We need to give them props right? They're the reason why you're here right now reading this. They gave birth to your child that now gave you the honorable title of being a dad! I'm a dad too. I have a beautiful handsome strong son named Damian Luca. Being a dad is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Okay now let's talk about Dilf Fit! This series of HIIT workouts are to help dads get ripped, lean, and happy with their bodies. Not just for you, but to also be that badass dad that can be active with your kids. Not even just active either, but healthy enough to watch your kids have kids and then be the best grandpa you could ever be, #GilfFit.

These series of DilfFit HIIT workouts will be a 5 - 6 day HIIT workout split aimed to shred fat and build muscle. These series of workouts must be done for 4 weeks straight #nodaysoff. You will also get a library of insane meal plans all here for you so you can take advantage of to get your body, health, mind, and life all aligned to crush goals.


If you haven't joined the list yet, make sure to do so now. 

I will only be able to let in a good chunk of dads so make sure to

be the first few to get the announcement ( a whole 24 hours before we announce it to the public).

Thanks for submitting!

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