Full Body HIIT with one DB

Let's Train!

This workout is done with one dumbbell but can also be done with two. If you do not have dumbbells you can also use a kettlebell or gallon of water. Get creative and let's work!

🤘🏼Beginner (3 rounds/30 seconds on 30 seconds off)

👊🏼Moderate (5 rounds/45 seconds on/15 seconds off)

💪🏽Elite (10 rounds/ 60 seconds on, no resting until end of round, rest 60 seconds)

1️⃣ DB Snatches left

2️⃣ DB Snatches Right

3️⃣ DB Thruster left

4️⃣ DB Thruster right

5️⃣ Back lunge clean left

6️⃣ Back Lunge clean Right

7️⃣ Back lunge up and over

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